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Foundational Diversity

You’ve probably heard the words diversity and inclusion used frequently in and out of the workplace.

However, are you confident that you know what human diversity, bias, and systemic oppression mean? Do you understand how they shape your life and the lives of those around you?

People with minority characteristics commonly face stigma and prejudice across all aspects of their lives, which is commonly the result of biased systems and personal beliefs.

In this two-module digital course (1-hour total learning time), you examine the systemic and social processes that can enforce prejudice and key actionable strategies to create more inclusive environments for diversified people.

Unconscious Bias

The categorisation of people and things around us is universal. With so many stimuli, the brain instinctively sorts things quickly and efficiently. These shortcuts are helpful when deciding what might be dangerous or even making little decisions like what cereal to buy.

When our brains use shortcuts to categorise people based on surface traits, it’s called unconscious or implicit bias. These biases, when unexamined, can lead to stereotyping of others, ultimately harming productivity, morale, and retention at work.

There are two courses available, one 30-minute digital course that explores what implicit bias is, its key types including key approaches to recognising/overcoming bias. This course features the best-selling author of the book Biased, Professor Jennifer Eberhardt.

A 3-hour blended learning workshop builds on the digital course with more in-depth critical reflection on common bias types and equips you with strategies to overcome these biases in various aspects of your personal and professional life.

Allyship in Action Series
What do you do, look down and keep to yourself? Or do you stand up and defend your minority colleague experiencing micro-aggressions?

How you answer those questions determines whether you’re an ally: someone who shows leadership by supporting those experiencing biased treatment or discrimination, even when it’s uncomfortable.

This two-option series consists of a foundational 30-minute digital course or a blended learning 3-hour workshop. In the digital course, you’ll learn what it means to be an ally, the five ally roles and core actions you can use to combat injustice for your colleagues.

The workshop is a more advanced option that builds on the digital course, exploring organisational policy to support allyship and applying evidenced actions that support colleagues.

Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Do you feel like you belong in your workplace? Are there others like you? Is everyone given equal opportunities? Do you feel included and wanted?

Consider answering “No”. How would that affect your motivation, productivity, and morale?

Answering “Yes” is the goal of DIB initiatives, which demand inclusion and building belonging.

When it comes to innovation, creativity, and problem-solving, research consistently shows that diverse workforces perform better. However, diversity alone isn’t enough. There are two other ingredients: inclusion and belonging.

To create a stronger performance culture, every person must feel like they belong and that they matter.

This series of three digital modules (1 hour learning in total) will first look at what DIB is, secondly consider what belonging looks like and lastly, how we measure the impact of DIB.

Diverse Talent Recruitment and Retention
When you erase prejudice and bias, you welcome a talent pool that reflects the true makeup of today’s world, regardless of background and identity.

Attracting a diverse workforce leads to improved client engagement, workplace innovation, organisational efficiency, and productivity, although recruitment is only one part.

Even if you spend resources on getting the perfect team, there’s no guarantee they will stick around once hired. To promote workforce retention, you need to appeal to the varied needs of a diverse staff.

This two-part digital course (1-hour total learning time) series looks at strategies for attracting diverse talent and approaches on how you can promote the retainment of that diversified workforce.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Are you frequently feeling overwhelmed or exhausted? Managing stress is crucial for maintaining energy, motivation, and overall health.

Our 30-minute Stress Awareness digital course delves into the definition of stress, its signs, and physiological reactions, empowering you with key strategies to manage stress triggers.

Additionally, our Dealing with Stress, Pressure, and Burnout course, also a 30-minute session, explores the inter-relationship between pressure, performance, and stress. Learn about chronic stress, its impact on well-being, and discover self-care methods to combat burnout.

Need a more immersive experience? Our Stress Management Workshop, spanning 4 hours, is designed to equip you with a deeper understanding of stress’s effects on the body. From identifying stressors to applying evidence-based relaxation techniques, this workshop offers a comprehensive approach to stress reduction. Customize the delivery to four 1-hour sessions or a half-day 4-hour session.

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