At Wellbeing Insight, we are a cooperative of diversified professionals within the equality, inclusion, and wellbeing sector.


Wellbeing Insight was founded in 2022 by Dr Steven Maxwell, with a focus to enable organisations to promote diversity, equality/equity, inclusion, belonging and wellbeing.

As a gay man and LGBTQ community’s member, through his childhood and adulthood has experienced prejudice and discrimination. In childhood being excluded, isolated and feeling of no value, through to adulthood experiencing prejudice as an employee. However, has strived to find confidence his identity and a place of belonging.

Due to his personal experiences, he has been passionate about focusing his professional life on better understanding inequality, inequity and poorer wellbeing, particularity related to minority communities. He gained an MSc and PhD which used robust data-based methods focused on aspects of intersectional LGBTQ+ inequality.

He has for 20 years worked across the public and private sector in health, and laterally in the past 5 years focused on equitable public health, enabling more culturally inclusive policy and practice. Due to his own personal and professional lived experience he is committed to any change being co-produced, evidence-based, and measurable.

Consultants and standards

We are a cooperative of diverse consultants who are passionate about providing an exceptional level of advice and support to other organisations. For this reason, our qualifications and experience are integral to the level of service we offer. Our minimum standards are:



An MSc and at least 5 years of experience in the DEI and/or wellbeing sector.

Research/evaluation consultancy

A PhD and at least 5 years of experience in using research and/or evaluation methods.
We attempt to ensure our consultants have lived experience in the areas of inclusion and wellbeing that they will be working alongside.

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