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Enabling you to promote inter-sectional diversity, equality, inclusion, belonging (DEIB) and wellbeing which increases cultural competence and productivity, including innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Organisational: Enable businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and public sector bodies to promote meaningful, equitable and inclusive belonging cultures through measurable policy. This increases staff and client retention, promotes organisational and service productivity.

Public: Empower not-for-profit organisations and public sector bodies to develop and evaluate the inclusivity, efficiency, and impact of evidence-based equality and health policy through stakeholder collaboration, planning and consultation processes.

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Education Service

Empower businesses, not-for-profit organisations and the public sector with comprehensive equality, inclusion and well-being courses that effectively engage the workforce, increase the rate of knowledge being applied to practice, and drive improvement in organisational productivity

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Evaluation service

Our service empowers businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and the public sector to objectively assess their well-being and service efficiency through measurable KPIs and outcomes. Using co-production methods, organisations can gain valuable insights to make meaningful improvements.

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Our services focus on organisations that provide well-being services and utilise multiple methods to uncover new knowledge. We aim to identify and address the underlying challenges surrounding service provision and/or its influence on human well-being.


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How we work

Our evidence-based and lived experience focus enables optimal, inclusive organisational working, service provision and human well-being. This is supported enabled with our five key principles:



We provide high levels of objectivity which is central to perspectives, value judgments, community bias or personal interests not biasing our methods and findings.



We strongly practice high levels of integrity which upholds values of honesty, rigour, transparency, respect, and open communication which is key to successful partnerships.



We are strongly passionate about equal partnerships particularly involving people with lived experience are best placed to enable more effective policy and practice.



We are strongly focused on equity and diversity which is integral to using co-production for empowering all communities to deliver more inclusive policy and practice.


Meaningful Impact

Integral to production we strongly believe that policy and practice should be sustainable, meaningful, measurable, and inclusive of real-world change.

To this end, we offer a unique set of independent consultancy services that are designed to benefit not only our business clients but also the health and wellbeing of wider society. We work closely with our clients to empower them to facilitate change with expert advice, direction, and guidance, enabling them to make meaningful positive inclusive improvement within their own organisations.

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Real-World Examples of Our Impact

Regent College London

Wellbeing Insight and Co. in collaboration with Regent College London developed an accredited academic module on person-centred action research for health application. The module aimed to educate, enhance skills, promote collaboration, and facilitate the application of person-centred research practices within healthcare.

Scottish Government

Wellbeing Insight and Co. embarked on a pioneering consultation in collaboration with the Scottish Government to investigate the influences of social and domestic factors on LGBTQ+ individuals’ identities in Scotland. This stakeholder consultation formed part of the Scottish Conversion Practice criminal and civil measures development.

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